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Fantastic 5 bedroom villa, Tapada, Sítio da Nazaré

Fantastic 5 bedroom villa, comprising basement, ground floor and 1st floor, with a great patio with wood oven and barbecue and with a beautiful view over Praia do Norte. The house on the ground floor consists of 1 living room with fireplace, w...

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Denver architecture: Classic Cottage

The Classic Cottage is basically a one-story version of the Foursquare.  It features an elongated hipped roof with central dormer, and front porch, often full-width, with thick porch posts or simplified Doric columns supporting the porch r...

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Today is HousingWire

Let’s start with the good news: In 2022, purchase mortgage originations are expected to grow 9% to a record $1.73 trillion, according to the latest forecast from the MBA. And the bad news: refis are projected to decline 14% to $2.2...

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Denver architecture: WPA Modernist

The primary goal of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), one of many 1930s New Deal relief and recovery programs, was to put people to work.  Most projects were designed to spend a majority of the funds on labor, not materials.  Addit...

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Movie Night at the TrailMark Park

Earlier this month Real Estate Broker Lori Ross sponsored and hosted Movie Night in the Park in TrailMark. As the event drew near, what began as a simple opportunity to provide a fun service as a realtor and to mingle with neighbors, started to...

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What Homeowners Should Know About Solar Panels

Increasing energy costs are spurring more homeowners to go solar, but an abundance of choices in the field can make the decision daunting. Help homeowners weigh the options with these five considerations. Key Takeaways: More efficient a...

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It Sucks to Be a Renter

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis the metro Denver area has seen the 2 nd largest rent increases in the country from 2014 to 2019, with an increase of nearly 22%. Every measurement of rent in metro Denver for this year is showing ren...

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