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Denver architecture: Chateauesque

The Châteauesque or French Château style rarely survives in Colorado today. Examples existed at the turn of the twentieth century in the Capitol Hill area of Denver but only one high style example remains. The steeply pitched gable or ...

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Good News for RE Investors

The Treasury Department and FHFA, the overseer of Fannie and Freddie announced last week an end to their policy that restricted how many mortgages on investment properties and second homes that Fannie and Freddie could purchase. Earlier in the ...

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Why Home Prices Can’t Drop

Diana Olick at CNBC had a great story and video last week on our country’s HUGE housing shortage and builders can’t make up the difference. The U.S. Census Bureau says 12.3 million households were formed from January 2012 to June 2021, but ...

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Top 5 Reasons Buyers Give Up on Their Home Search

Some house hunters have decided to put their search on hold—at least for now. The pandemic and the competitive, intimidating market are the leading reasons, according to a survey of 850 consumers from iBuying giant Opendoor. Nearly fou...

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Denver architecture: Terrace

The Terrace form is not commonly found outside of Colorado.  It dates from the late 1880s through 1920.  These buildings are basically one- or two-story brick structures with flat roofs and corbeled cornices.  The style is evident in a f...

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Help Buyers Avoid Expensive Pre-Closing Mistakes

Home buyers can make mistakes that could put their mortgage in jeopardy leading up to closing or make them miss out altogether in homeownership. “Most buyers are so preoccupied with simply saving up for a down payment and getting their...

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Surveys Reveal Housing Demand is Soaring

We want to tell you about 2 consumer surveys that were published in the DBJ last week. First, eXp Realty surveyed more than 2000 people planning to buy or sell a home in the next year or who have bought a home in the past year. Here is what...

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Property Taxes Are About to Rise

Skyrocketing home prices over the last year may soon hit current homeowners in the form of property taxes. Housing experts are predicting property taxes to climb higher in 2021 than the 4% uptick in 2020. Many city governments lost revenue d...

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Denver architecture: Neo-Mansard

By the late 1960s, domestic architecture witnessed a shift away from the Modern influences and back toward styles based on traditional architectural shapes and detailing.  The first form to emerge during this eclectic phase was the Neo-Man...

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