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Denver Architectural Styles: Cape Cod

Drawing inspiration from the homes of 17th century New England, Cape Cod style homes are built for Denver weather. Square and featuring one to two stories, Cape Cod homes are sometimes seen as a simpler relative of the Colonial Revival styl...

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4 Ways to Reduce Risk Amid Multiple Offers

Across the country, listings are being scooped up so quickly that there’s little inventory accumulation. Contract signings increased 23.3% year over year in March, according to the National Association of REALTORS® Pending Home Sales Index. ...

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Early Denver History

In the summer of 1858, a small group of prospectors from Georgia crossed the great plains of the Colorado Territory and made a region-changing discovery at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Gold. And although not much of the precious metal was f...

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Denver Architectural Styles: Mediterranean Revival

The key to distinguishing the Mediterranean Revival style is the tile roof and restrained ornamentation, as opposed to the elaborate details on a Spanish Colonial structure. Built in Colorado during the 1920s, these structures are generally stu...

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Could Interest Rates Double?

Several inflation reports came out last week that I want to highlight for you — · The National Federation of Independent Businessowners reported that they are having to raise wages to entice unemployed people to come back to work as many ...

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What Appraisers Are Doing to Help Us

Housing Wire ran a story last week on a Denver home that was listed for $370k, had 202 showings and received 56 offers. The home sold for $477k or $107k above the list price. The house appraised for $431k according to the appraiser who complet...

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Even More Demand is Coming

Zillow reported that more than 10% of Americans moved last year with 75% of them having reported they moved for positive reasons such as being closer to family or friends, for a bigger home, for a lower cost of living, or living in a desired p...

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Denver Architectural Styles: Duplex

A duplex is a residential property with two units and two separate entrances. Units  are usually next to each other with a shared wall or built on top of each other with  one unit on each floor. Oftentimes there’s a shared front an...

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