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Welcome To The Revv Difference: High Octane Realtors With High Octane Results

Revv Real Estate is a collection of Colorado independent real estate brokers operating under the Revv brand. We value independent thinkers and self starters and recognize strong initiative and hard work. The ambition, passion and integrity of our agents are what make the Revv brand stand out in comparison to the larger real estate corporations.

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“ Angie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is knowledgeable about the Denver area and was very willing to chat and answer questions whenever we needed."

“Angie is very attentive and took the time to understand what was important to us in order to find us the best matches in the area. Angie was honest with us and helped us tremendously in buying our first home in Colorado. "

“She acted in our best interest and we highly recommend her to anyone with real estate needs. We had a wonderful experience working with her. Thank you!"

“ At first I thought my property was ready to sell, Marina convinced me otherwise, and I’m really happy that I listened. and was amazed at the negotiation table. If you are buying or selling a home in Colorado, speak to a Revv Broker."

“ If you are buying or selling a home in Colorado, speak to a Revv Broker."

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We Have Years of Pent-Up Demand

Nicole Rueth - January 5, 2023 Having seen the calendar turn over, the largest borrower age group is now 32 years old. We have years of pent-up demand, with first-time home buyers still at an average age

Inventory Will Take a Front Seat In 2023

Nicole Rueth - January 5, 2023 While mortgage rates were the conversation for 2022, I believe inventory will take a front seat in 2023. This is the topic that gives me pause. Inventory ended the year wi

When Will Rates Stabilize?

Those markets which appreciated the most, along with an abundance of new construction, will see the biggest corrections. As you know, Denver saw incredible appreciation adding us to the list of least affor

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