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Welcome To The Revv Difference: High Octane Realtors With High Octane Results

Revv Real Estate is a collection of Colorado independent real estate brokers operating under the Revv brand. We value independent thinkers and self starters and recognize strong initiative and hard work. The ambition, passion and integrity of our agents are what make the Revv brand stand out in comparison to the larger real estate corporations.

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“ At first I thought my property was ready to sell, Marina convinced me otherwise, and I’m really happy that I listened. and was amazed at the negotiation table. If you are buying or selling a home in Colorado, speak to a Revv Broker."

“ If you are buying or selling a home in Colorado, speak to a Revv Broker."

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Denver architecture: Classic Cottage

The Classic Cottage is basically a one-story version of the Foursquare.  It features an elongated hipped roof with central dormer, and front porch, often full-width, with thick porch posts or simplifi

October 2021 Median and Average Close Price

These are two info-graphics from Denver Metro Real Estate Market Trends Report that represent median and average close price.   Source:  

Today is HousingWire

Let’s start with the good news: In 2022, purchase mortgage originations are expected to grow 9% to a record $1.73 trillion, according to the latest forecast from the MBA. And the bad news: ref

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