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Welcome To The Revv Difference: High Octane Realtors With High Octane Results

Revv Real Estate is a collection of Colorado independent real estate brokers operating under the Revv brand. We value independent thinkers and self starters and recognize strong initiative and hard work. The ambition, passion and integrity of our agents are what make the Revv brand stand out in comparison to the larger real estate corporations.

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“ At first I thought my property was ready to sell, Marina convinced me otherwise, and I’m really happy that I listened. and was amazed at the negotiation table. If you are buying or selling a home in Colorado, speak to a Revv Broker."

“ If you are buying or selling a home in Colorado, speak to a Revv Broker."

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Why Home Prices Can’t Drop

Diana Olick at CNBC had a great story and video last week on our country’s HUGE housing shortage and builders can’t make up the difference. The U.S. Census Bureau says 12.3 million households were form

Top 5 Reasons Buyers Give Up on Their Home Search

Some house hunters have decided to put their search on hold—at least for now. The pandemic and the competitive, intimidating market are the leading reasons, according to a survey of 850 consumers fro

Denver architecture: Terrace

The Terrace form is not commonly found outside of Colorado.  It dates from the late 1880s through 1920.  These buildings are basically one- or two-story brick structures with flat roofs and corbeled

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