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Colorado Outdoor Room Trends for 2023

Comfort, function and personality: these three elements, when combined, create exceptional exterior design

Designing the perfect outdoor living area is tricky. We love to dream up stunning, functional outdoor spaces that reflect our client’s style, and take pride in working to create, tailor, and execute a vision. What furniture works best? Neutrals or color? Full bells-and-whistles kitchen or a simple grill? What kind of accents show personality? Here, we share 6 hot trends that we’re seeing this season to help you create the ultimate outdoor room.

Mind the layout

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The layout of your patio space might seem like a minor thing that is easy to arrange, but it is very important. The right layout is crucial to the functionality of your space and sets the atmosphere for your patio or deck, and can make your guests feel instantly at ease.

Think about how you’d like to utilize the space. Is this going to be an informal eating area, highlighting your outdoor dining furniture? Or a place to serve cocktails and appetizers while using your outdoor kitchen? Consider using a variety of pieces to create a multi-purpose area.

Highlight a Focal Point

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The focal point of your outdoor space is typically the anchoring piece of furniture, fire pit, fountain or art piece on your patio. Once you choose your patio’s focal point, arrange your furniture so that chairs and seating groups face your chosen item. Keep traffic flow in mind to preserve the functionality of your space while still allowing your focal point to be the star of the show.

For a more intimate space, instead of centering your space around the dining table, you might consider making your lounge chairs, nestled under your umbrella or pergola (the perfect spot for long summer days!) the spotlight. This way, the space still feels inviting without coming across as too formal.

Incorporate Art

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Use your wall space wisely. Arrange longer pieces of furniture along spans of walls that face outward. If there are no windows in the area, consider adding outdoor art panels to break up the span above the furniture- much like you would artwork to interior walls. Smaller areas can accommodate fanciful outdoor décor like porcelain wallflowers or hanging planters. Outdoor art panels can even be customized to hide unsightly utility boxes (or nosy neighbors!)

Mix and Match Materials

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Mastering a mix-and-match outdoor furniture aesthetic is all about pairing the right materials. Forget about overly matched patio sets and hello to outdoor spaces that are layered and livable. Expert-level layering combines traditional wicker or rattan with bold aluminum and color to create a unique look. Soft cushions and accent pillows can help tie the pieces together.

A monochromatic palette can help create a “matched” look. Picking a single-color family doesn’t have to be boring. Select items of the same hue in slightly different shades, creating a smooth-as-silk color gradient. And mix in textured fabrics and patterns with materials like wood, rope, metal and stone.

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Woven materials are big this year! This beautiful trend graces practically every style category. From boho to traditional to minimalist, there’s a way to incorporate a little texture into your life. Add in another natural texture like teak or bamboo! Both are great sustainable materials to complement your wicker or rattan furniture as they are timeless and mix beautifully together.

Make Your Outdoor Space Feel Like an Extension of Your Home

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Create your own outdoor haven with upholstered seating, mix and match furniture​ and plenty of outdoor accessories. Seating can vary greatly depending on the function. From informal to formal arrangements and styles, there are so many options to choose from! Choosing between cushioned or non-cushioned pieces, large sectionals or smaller chairs, colorful or neutral can be a daunting task. Be sure to consult a trained professional with exterior design knowledge to guide you in the right direction.

Add Interesting Accessories

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Your outdoor space is the perfect place to express your personal style. Add fun features like ottomans, tray tables, decorative pillows, and colorful planters to your outdoor space. Create a tranquil atmosphere with a unique fountain, soft-lit solar lanterns or a cozy fire pit. Small bits of color can add a bit of interest to an otherwise monochromatic pallet and are easy to rearrange or swap out.

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