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New Statewide Housing Reform Bill

Governor Polis and several Democratic leaders of the legislature launched a “More Housing Now” proposal and bills (SB23-213). Here are some highlights—
·        Would take away some local housing control and authority. Normally I would be against this but I honestly believe at least in metro Denver nearly every city has made so many continual mistakes that something else needs to be done.
·        Would ease restrictions on the types of new housing being built to allow ADU’s, and duplexes 6-plexes in single family zoning areas in every major city and suburb in the state. This would be REQUIRED BY THE STATE.
·        “Tier 2” cities and high country resort areas would have to create housing plans to detail how they plan to address housing shortfalls and keep current residents from being priced out, with goals identified by the state. I won’t be surprised if short-term rentals will be outlawed even further in mountain resort towns.
·        Would create more incentives for higher density transit-oriented housing.
·        Would eliminate the power of HOA’s over zoning and what’s built.
·        Seeks to reduce red tape and the amount of time it takes to build housing. This is sorely needed as local towns, cities, and counties have caused lengthy delays for decades now and something needs to be done.
·        Also would allow for more construction of modular and manufactured housing.
·        Would the direct the state Department of Local Affairs to draft “model” housing codes for cities. I have been asking for this for over 20 years as why can’t there be conforming in building codes on homes up and down the Front Range for example that are not in the foothills. Does Lakewood really need to have different building codes than Denver, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, etc?
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