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Dubrova And Associates LLC Offering Unique Expertise In This Real Estate Market

Marina Dubrova. Managing Broker and Owner of Dubrova & Associates, LLC at Revv Real Estate, has been in the real estate business since 2002. Coming from a background at Wells Fargo, she wanted to share her financial knowledge with her clients. As we all know, real estate is not just about buying and selling beautiful homes. Having that financial background as an asset can really help her clientele succeed with purchasing or selling a home.

Being in the industry for almost 20 years, I had to ask Marina what she loved the most about real estate. ‘I like to work with people and help them and teach them during the real estate process, said Dubrova.’ I also had the pleasure of interviewing one of her associates, who is also a Realtor, Alina Talkov, what she liked most about being in real estate. “It gives people the opportunity to give people financial freedom. I particularly like working with first-time home buyers. 1 love meeting new people; some of my clients are now my good friends,” said Tatkov.

In this hot market, I needed to ask Marina if she had advice for buyers/sellers out there in this unpredictable market. “Find and work with a knowledgeable person who can lead them through the process of current market conditions. We want to give them options, show them the options, so it will be easier for buyers or sellers to make a decision. For the sellers, you have to show off. Make your home shiny and beautiful, so when the potential home buyer views it, it will be their first choice,” said Dubova. Premarketing was also a big takeaway from our conversation.

They offer a variety of services. They provide services for first-time and experienced buyers. They also help with the staging process to prep your home. They also help people who are in a distressing situation, such as short sales and         pre-foreclosures. They also do international real estate sales in Portugal. It is excellent to know that they specialize in helping people in those short sale and pre foreclosure situations as these times have been trying on our community financially, to say the least. If you are facing a foreclosure Dubrova and Associates has the tools to be able to prevent it possibly. They do offer complimentary consultations.

Everything right now is selling for above ask, and most people need to obtain loans in order to purchase a home. So. the question is. what price range should people be looking in based on their loan amount? “If someone has a loan for $650,000,1 would look for homes $550,000 and below,’ said Dubrova. “I have a client that has a budget of $400,000, and we are looking at houses that are $340,000 and below,” said Tatkov. Both don’t see the ‘paying above ask’ trend ending anytime soon.

To some right now, they may be overwhelmed by the price of housing today. Dubrova and Associates can also help with affordable housing programs. Buyers have to qualify. However, there are single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums in really great neighborhoods that could put you in a home even if you didn’t think you would ever be able to.

Bottom line, Dubrova and Associates specialize in many unique elements in real estate that are essential in this market today. If you arc interested in learning more, you can go to

Story By | Stefani Walker Sc Photography By | Maria Poland and Liana Bekker