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Denver’s Biggest Events for April 2023

Rodeo All-Star Weekend (TBA) – It’s the ultimate pro rodeo competition with all-star contestants from around the globe.

Carnival of the Animals with the Denver Zoo  (April 4, 2023) – This performance introduces little ones to the joys of the orchestra with Carnival of the Animals, one of the best-known pieces by French Composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

Unseen Oceans  (Thru April 9, 2023) – With modern robotics and satellite monitoring, scientists are revealing the unseen habitats of the oceans’ most mysterious animals and mapping remote areas in unprecedented detail. See the exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Ballet MasterWorks  (Thru April 14–23, 2023) – To close the season, a grand finale that lives up to its name. Accompanied by a live performance from the Colorado Ballet Orchestra, this monumental compilation showcases its art in top form.

‘Anastasia’  (April 14–16, 2023) – From the Tony Award-winning creators of the Broadway classic “Ragtime,” this dazzling show transports you from the twilight of the Russian empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman sets out to discover the mystery of her past.

The Music of Pink Floyd with the Colorado Symphony  (April 15, 2023) – Bridging the gulf between rock ‘n’ roll and classical music and accompanied by singer Randy Jackson’s fabulous vocals, creator Brent Havens guest conducts the Colorado Symphony as they capture Pink Floyd’s ethereal flow of music and effects while churning out new musical colors. The concert will feature 17 Pink Floyd tunes, including “Money”, “Learning to Fly,” “Comfortably Numb” and other selections from “The Wall” album.