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Denver architecture: Colonial Style

The Colonial Revival Movement first took place in Denver in the 1890s and continues today. Colonial homes, which often include elements of the Federal, Georgian, or Neoclassical styles, feature rectangular floor plans, impressive front entries, rounded windows, pediments and gables.

Considered part of the Colonial Revival, Dutch Colonial homes have a barn-like appearance based on their dual-sloping gambrel roof and flaring eaves that extend over the sides.

What makes a house a Colonial Style?

Designed to be formal but not pretentious or imposing, Colonial Revival style homes reflect quiet order. Generally symmetrical or square, these homes generally have evenly spaced windows and the front door is dead center in the front of the house.

Often two or three stories, the most dramatic and noticeable element of Colonial Revival architecture is the use of columns, giving the homes a slightly Classical appearance.

Where to look

You can find Colonial and Dutch Colonial homes throughout Metro Denver, with many older examples in Denver neighborhoods like Bonnie Brae, Cherry Creek, Congress Park, Country Club, Hilltop, Park Hill, and University Park.