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Denver architecture: Neo-Mansard

By the late 1960s, domestic architecture witnessed a shift away from the Modern influences and back toward styles based on traditional architectural shapes and detailing.  The first form to emerge during this eclectic phase was the Neo-Man...

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Is Now a Bad Time to Buy a Home?

In another survey by Fannie Mae they released their Home Purchase Sentiment Index for July. 66% of respondents said now is a bad time to buy a home due to high home prices. Only 28% said it’s a good time to buy a home. But 75% of respondents ...

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A New Housing Tax in Castle Rock is Possible

The Town Council of Castle Rock is considering adding a ballot initiative that would increase the taxes on new builds by $7 per square foot for single-family and multi-family homes. On a 2,000 square foot home this would be a tax bill of $14,00...

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Denver architecture: I-House

The term I-House was first popularized in the 1930s following cultural historian Fred Kniffen’s notation of the common recurrence of this building type in the “I” states (Iowa, Indiana, and Illinois).  The earliest examples of the I-...

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Why This New Trend May Reduce Home Inventories

The Denver Business Journal wrote a great story recently titled, “Single—But Not Looking to Mingle.” This story was not about single adults looking to remain single. But, this story is about the hottest idea in the real estate market nati...

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4 Reasons Why There is Little Risk of Foreclosures

There is an article written by Rick Sharga who has been one of the leading experts on foreclosure rates for at least 15 years. He says according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, 85% of borrowers in forbearance have exited the program succes...

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Denver architecture: A-Frame

The A-Frame form achieved popularity in the 1960s as vacation homes, ski huts, and other simple residential buildings.  The form is defined by the steeply pitched gable roof whose eaves extend to grade.  The roof forms the walls on the tw...

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